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DECOY Treble Y-S23
Monster Class
Unrivalled strength, sharpness, and reliability.
The go-to DECOY saltwater monster-class trebles. The “Y-S23 BIG” is an improved version of previous model “SALT WATER BIG & GT SPECIAL”. Perfect hookups with all monster fish such as GT, Dogtooth, Amberjack and Tuna.

Available in 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 and 10/0. Made in Japan.

Smart Eye

A design that allows easy application of heavy split rings – without opening more than necessary, and minimises strength deterioration.

Aqua Block

Uses high corrosion resistant tin plating and Aqua Block treatment to prevent rust – so they last longer.

Heavy Wire

Adopts a heavy wire that can withstand the brunt of monster-sized targets.

Curved Point

Employs an unique curve point that minimises lure damage, enhances hook ups and fish retention power, and suppresses burr.